Mac App Testing

Before I went on sabbatical four months ago, I fell out of the habit of testing the macOS app. Reasons:

  • It lagged behind Calypso web.
  • Certain bugs, such as preview out of sync w/ content, were flow killers.
  • Workflow automation. Alfred workflows that work with the app would be keen. The app does not advertise an applescript dictionary, and, AFAICT, none of our apps support url schemes. For something to be part of my desktop flow, it needs enough workflow automation to be scriptable from Alfred.

The addition of desktop notifications to Calypso web removed one of the big reasons for using the Mac app, although I found Chrome desktop notifications to be very intrusive and turned them off.

With sabbatical over, I’ll try to make the Mac app a habit again and see how it goes.

#app, #macos, #notifications, #workflow-automation