Subscribing to YouTube Video Channels in Reader

I want to be able to subscribe to a YouTube video channel in Reader.

  • URL I used to subscribe in Reader:–fhX5gea0i4UtpD99Gg
  • Feed URL:–fhX5gea0i4UtpD99Gg
  • Reader site stream:

Videos aren’t displayed on individual posts:

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at Thu Feb 9 1.03.13 PM.png
Seen at using Chrome 55.0.2883.95 on Mac OS X 10.12.3

Here’s how the site stream looks:

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at Thu Feb 9 1.05.24 PM.png
Seen at using Chrome 55.0.2883.95 on Mac OS X 10.12.3

I noticed there are media-related tags in the feed:

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at Thu Feb 9 1.11.23 PM.png
Seen at–fhX5gea0i4UtpD99Gg using Chrome 55.0.2883.95 on Mac OS X 10.12.3

Doable? Should I file this as an issue in GitHub?

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Session notes: Refreshed Reader

No video

Opening on author

Clicking an author sometimes opens you scrolled down to that author, sometimes not.

The back button is a long way up when you open scrolled down. When I just want to peek an author, having to scroll back up to go back is a hitch in my flow.

The author links do nothing in this context

The author links don’t link anywhere.

Photo credits, captions

Photo credits, captions smush up against the article.

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Session notes: iOS Beta Testing, featured images, iOS app, macOS app, editor AYS, white screens, reader lists, programmable web, compassion is not coddling, little big details

Hockey app on boarding – iOS

Apparently, TestFlight is for public betas and Hockeyapp is for private betas. I thought TestFlight replaced Hockeyapp entirely.

So, I’m trying to set up Hockeyapp on a new phone. I already have a log in. I logged in, installed the WP app, and get this when I launch it.

Digging around the internet, I see that I need to register my new phone with Hockeyapp. That must be done on desktop. There, I created a private link that I then opened on my iPhone.

Opening the link put a Hockeyapp link on my home screen. I launched the WP app again to the same failure. I deleted the app and reinstalled from Hockeyapp. Still the same failure on launch.

Turns out, since iOS 9, you must wander over to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management to trust the developer.

Hockeyapp makes for gnarly beta testing flow. Our TestFlight build has since updated, which is a much better flow.

p2 content doesn’t load – Macnchrome

Happened again

Perhaps more likely to happen from an link.

Loading posts – iOS app

After installing the beta via hockeyapp, the posts list took about 15 seconds to load.

But the images didn’t load in.

Images showed after leaving and reentering the posts list.

Reflow and jumping after pasting a youtube link – Macnchrome

Pasting a youtube link results in a lot of reflow and vscroll jumping.

AYS immediately after publishing – Macnchrome

Update a post. Hit the editor’s back button. You are likely to get an AYS.

Post updated, hit the editor back button.

AYS even though I just saved.

Gif insertion – iOS app

ReBoard and Giphy Keys gifs don’t animate in the editor or posts list.

Featured image removal – Macnchrome

Featured images, both still and animated, remain in the posts list after removal.

Here’s a post.

Note that there is no featured image set. It was just removed.

The removed featured image is still present in the posts list.

Featured image upload – Macnchrome

Featured images take awhile to upload, sometimes stalling for several seconds. If you navigate away while the image is still uploading, there’s a chance of failure.

Site search zooms page – iOS web

Tap into site search.

View zooms.

CNAME records – Macnchrome

How do I get rid of this? This is a Pressable site connected via Jetpack.

Deleting the only post – Mac app, External Site

When you delete a post from the editor, a Don’t Restore/Restore dialog flashes on screen momentarily. When deleting the only post on a new external site from the mac app, the Restore dialog flashes briefly, the editor reloads, and then the restore dialog displays again and doesn’t go away.

After deleting this post, I expected to return to the posts list. Clicking Don’t Restore takes me there.

Autosave, restore, save changes AYS, and delete from editor flow are pretty rough across all interfaces, devices. Hard to trust.

Missing site titles when editing a reader list – Macnchrome

When editing a list in the reader, all subscribed sites are listed below the list being editing. Some of these sites have no titles. List the url in such a case?

Without preview and search, this site list isn’t very helpful when editing a reader list.

Blank tooltip after adding more button – Macnchrome

Seeing this empty bubble appear confused me. I assumed it was broken and almost stopped exploring.

Oh, it gets filled once you start selecting buttons.

hrules in Sharing Settings – wp-admin, Jetpack, Publicize

The two lines above Share This: seem extraneous and busy, especially with a thick full-width line at the start of the section and a thin full-width line at the end.

The thick line in between Enabled Services and Live Preview separates the two even though changes in Enabled Services are reflected in Live Preview. The hierarchy of this page is a confusing. Live Preview is affected by both Enabled Services above it and the settings below it, with hrules of differing width separating them. Available Services drags across an hrule into Enabled Services which can drag into a hide box.

Mac app whitescreen – macOS app

This session was idling on a Jetpack connected Pressable site. Upon returning to it after working on other stuff, it presented a white screen. The menubar remains responsive.

Restarting the app cleared the white screen for a few moments but then it white screened again. The interface paints and then crashes in ~5 seconds. During that time the interface is non-interactive. It’s busy preparing to white screen.

Here’s what shows before white screening.

Cut-and-paste blockquotes

When you cut-and-paste a block quote, an empty block quote is left behind.


Everything I publish starts in Ulysses. The flow is clean.

Compassion is not coddling

I recommend the book Design for Real Life all the time. It is part of the soul of flow patrol. Stress Cases and “Compassion is not coddling” are favorite parts of D4RL. Some compassionate design links:

D4RL and the pathways principle from The End of Average will make you reconsider what you call an edge case.

Design for Real Life is informed by neurodiversity, the social model of disability, and structural ideology.

Programmable Web

The REST API was approved for merge into WordPress 4.7. Cheers to the programmable web. I look forward to more workflow automation. Tools are arriving that make consuming web APIs much easier.

New Workflow Update with Web API Feature – Mobile Only Tools – Because Productivity matters, everywhere.

Workflow Update Brings Ability to Interact with Any Web API – MacStories

Why is this important? Tools wanting to become part of our cognitive net & working lives need workflow automation, public apis, feeds, & export. Adaptable, cooperative flow is more accessible & inclusive.

Scripting allows users to contribute very small snippets of code that use the virtual reality engine as a host; users contribute code without having to invent a world from scratch and without having to become familiar with outrageously large codebases to do so. Adding scripting interfaces is very much like what Rockstar’s designers did to allow user-generated models and skins. As a rule, scripting is meant to minimize the investment in the programming skills in general and knowledge of particular bodies of code in particular necessary to create change. Scripting interfaces allow users a safe place to play with the medium of virtual reality worlds, but at the same time creates the possibility of their accomplishing real work and powerful transformations of the system.

Garrelts, Nate (2006-10-05). The Meaning and Culture of Grand Theft Auto: Critical Essays (Kindle Locations 4192-4193). McFarland & Company. Kindle Edition.

Little Big Details

Little fixes and improvements like site selector keyboard nav are landing. These little big details help me cope, flow, and be productive. They have impact on my daily life.

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Session notes: RSS widget, reader, gallery layout, inline link toolbar, pasting links – Macnchrome, Calypso iOS, iOS app

RSS Widget author feed

Feed broken. Thought maybe because I used /author/ryan/ without feed/ at the end. Changed to /feed, still broken. Removed and readdded, still broken.

Reader invoked when scrolling techcrunch up

When scrolling tech crunch, the reader often invokes. This happened multiple times during my session. It also happened once with the account screen. Seems to follow thumb location. I usually scroll with my thumb aligned beneath reader.

Also, lots of #scroll-bleed.

Gallery Layout

Clicking layout while images are still uploading results in the dropdown auto closing.

Inline link toolbar

The inline link toolbar is a boon to flow, except when I’m rearranging lists. It blocks visibility of list items, adding frustration to sorting.

Cutting and pasting links

Links lose their href after cutting and pasting. I experience this often when sorting lists. #frustrated

About to cut:


The href disappears.

Deleting drafts while editing, Calypso iOS

When deleting a draft from the editor, the restore/don’t restore dialog flashes briefly before redirecting on to the posts list. Confusing and awkward.

iOS app

The keyboard disappeared during an ios app edit session. Going into three dots and back resurrected it.

Floating pencils in customizer

So confusing.

Funky store dropdown labels, Calypso iOS

The labels are all lowercase and don’t match the headings.

An upsell in the posts list leads to those store screens.

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Session notes: reader, editor, free domain claim, gallery ordering, editing links – Macnchrome, iOS

Free domain claim

How do I get rid of this notice without claiming a domain I don’t want?

Reverse gallery order

Wishing I could click to reverse order.

wp-admin accommodates.

If I didn’t have wp-admin as fallback, I’d work around this by changing the sort order in my source app (Pixave) and reuploading the gallery. Reuploading is my go to workaround for media bugs and awkward flow, impacting quota.

Appending to link text

Here’s a bug we’ve lived with in WP and Calypso for years. It still frustrates. Appending or prepending text to a link requires moving in from the boundaries and juggling characters.

Calypso editor on iOS

  • The reload time after switching to another app and back to the browser is 10 seconds-ish of jerky loading.
  • First taps are slow to process. Double taps are often required.
  • Tapping plus to add media will focus the editor, put the cursor inside, and then open the modal over the course of a couplefew seconds.
  • I tend to wait a couple seconds after tapping anything before tapping again as I might interrupt something.
  • Post preview wouldn’t load.
  • #scroll-bleed behind the preview modal.
  • Cancelling preview takes you back to the editor instead of  to actions.
  • A draft started with Calypso on iOS didn’t show in Calypso macnchrome until I edited another post. Then the draft showed. I also experience this with drafts started in Ulysses. The provokes data loss #anxiety-flow.

Media library

Clicking the pencil icon also selects the image. I expected to edit without selecting.

Links in reader

In the iOS app reader, links within post content open in a pop up that is kind to context. Calypso’s mobile web reader follows these links, requiring browser back nav that sometimes stomps #vscroll.

Video drag-and-drop insertion

A video dropped onto the editor inserted off screen, at the top of the document. I probably scrolled down without clicking into the editor to position the caret. I thought the insert didn’t work since it happened offscreen, so I inserted again after positioning the caret. I saw that I had an extra video at the top when I previewed. I’m used to Ulysses where the caret follows the cursor during drop.

Notifications Search

Wishing again that I could search notifications. 🙂

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Session notes: reader notifications, gallery grid, publicize nonce, expired domain – Macnchrome

“x new posts”

The “x new posts” notification bubble is persistent. Getting rid of it requires giving in to its continuous call to ditch my vscroll. Though I appreciate its presence when I’m ready to scroll to top and see what’s new, the rest of the time it distracts. I worry that I will accidentally click it, losing vscroll in a thoughtless moment of notification gardening.

Can’t scroll thumbnail grid

During gallery creation, the thumbnail grid wouldn’t scroll.

Invalid nonce during Facebook reconnect, Mac app

I successfully reconnected from a Chrome session and then restarted the app.

Expired domain

A “DNS configuration required” notice alerted me to a problem with a mapped domain. This is a domain I let expire. If I didn’t go into this process knowing that the domain expired, I wouldn’t have been able to tell that.

Click fix.

Click Learn more.

The prompts and support documentation don’t mention the possibility of an expired domain.

My next step from here was to remove the mapping. This required some drilling and scrolling.

Click in domain list.

Click Payment Settings, which was non-obvious to me. I’m trying to remove a domain to get rid of a notice, not mess with payments.

Scroll down to the desired site. This flow should link directly to the site in question instead of requiring #list-scannning.

Click Domain Mapping

Click Remove Domain Mapping.

None of these apply. This is framed as if I’m moving to a free plan or another service. I’m not. I’m just removing a no longer needed mapping. Being put into customer retention type flow when I just want to remove a mapping is annoying. The only reason I’m doing this is to get rid of the “DNS configuration required” notice. I’m forced to answer both of these misframed questions before I can proceed.

My feedback in the form:

I’m not leaving or abandoning the free plan. This framing does not apply to the scenario of removing a domain mapping.

I let this domain expire, as I never really used it. Now, I’m removing it to get rid of the “DNS configuration required” notice.

It doesn’t stop. Thankfully, this form is optional.

At last.

I expected a click to remove and a click to confirm. I experienced forced form filling.

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Reader: Follow in reader via bookmarklet,

Bookmarklet for following the current site in the reader:

javascript:window.location.href='' + encodeURIComponent( window.location.href )


These work well enough, however there is a hitch in the flow. Follow Site must be clicked/tapped to reveal the passed in URL.

The same happens in Macnchrome.

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