Store: Renewing an expired domain via front page

I had two domain registrations (on the same site) expire yesterday. is a domain mapping upgrade from the pre-bundle, pre-plan days. is a mapping included with the premium plan on this site. is the primary domain.

I didn’t capture this part, but from the domain renewal splash on the front page of my site, the Renew Now button took me to the /purchases page. It was not filtered by site. I found the mapping and renewed it with credits. Here’s the confirmation of that process.

Seeing that Renew Now message and call to action button always makes me doubt the success of my renewal.

From there I went back to the front of my site.

With now renewed, I’m down to one expired domain.

Clicking either Renew Now or Cancel takes me here:

There’s no call to action here. AFAICT, everything is fine and there’s nothing to renew. Lacking a better target, I eventually click View Plan and see:

There’s the call to action. I click it and follow through payment. Here’ the confirmation.

“for a few seconds”?

And again there is a Renew Now call to action directly below the renewal confirmation. I have to read through to “in a year” and double check the new expiration date to be confident that I successfully renewed.

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Session notes: Editor, domain claim, vscroll, workflow automation, desktop app, TestFlight

Editor locks out after clicking on images – Macnchrome

In this screenshot, I am unable to click into the editor. I toggled wifi. Tried with and without proxy. Restarted Chrome. The problem persisted through all of that before spontaneously working again. Not the first time this has happened. Clicking and resizing images seem to trigger these situations.

Aside: Resizing images is scary. They collapse for a few seconds and then reappear smaller, causing jump, reflow, and vscroll loss along the way.

Still stuck w/ free domain claim – Macnchrome

How can I get rid of this? I don’t want to map a domain.

Vscroll loss after updating post – Macnchrome

  • Go to posts
  • Scroll down
  • Edit a post
  • Add a tag
  • Update
  • Hit editor back button
  • Back at the top, vscroll lost.

Even when not updating the post, vscroll is a little off when going back to posts.

Changing the title before publishing doesn’t change slug – Macnchrome

Blank p2 pages – Macnchrome

Seen this twice today.

Waiting for video processing – Macnchrome

I always wait for videos to finish processing before publishing. Should I? Will I be publishing an unready video if I don’t wait? How does that affect publicize?

URL Schemes and AppleScript Dictionaries – Mac and iOS apps

All of our apps need URL schemes.

The mac app needs an AppleScript dictionary.

Small comment area in notifications – Macnchrome

The first thing I do when replying is make the box bigger.

Desktop notifications – Macnchrome

Desktop notificiations are very intrusive. Turning them off requires digging in content settings.

View Post, The Flow Forker – Macnchrome

#new-tab-window results in multiple editor sessions and confusion over which session has my latest changes. Worst case, I split changes between editors.

View Post opens in new tab. That new tab has an Edit button at the bottom. Flow forked. Editor session++

Desktop app beta channel – Mac app

Note, be patient after clicking Update & Restart when switching from the stable to beta channel. I thought the app wasn’t restarting so I kept launching it again. This prevented the Update & Restart from happening. I did several Update & Restarts before settling in to wait for the long restart, which eventually happened.

WP Desktop Tab Bar – Mac app

macOS Sierra introduced the tab bar, which you can turn on in the desktop app via View > Show Tab Bar. In other apps, you can show the tab bar, open a new app window, and then go to Window > Merge All Windows to bring the windows into the tab bar. The WP app doesn’t have a means of opening a new window.

Going back from Cmd+N – Mac app

In the desktop app, Cmd+n starts a new post. If you have multiple sites, this invokes a picker.

This stomps my stack. I want a way to go back from here. I’ll Cmd+N and then realize I wanted to copy text from the article I was reading in the Reader. If I click into the Reader from the picker screen, my position in the reader stream is lost. I have to rescan the stream to find what I was looking for.

Supporting Sierra’s tabs would help by allowing a reader session and an edit session.

Restore dialog flashes briefly after deleting draft from editor – Macnchrome, Mac app

The screenshot below is with the Mac app, but this happens in Calypso web as well.

TestFlight not updating iOS app – iOS app

This is on a new iPhone 7+. When I setup this phone from backup, the TestFlight WP app was not restored to the home screen. I had to install from TestFlight. That all went well, but now a couple weeks later I’m not seeing the 6.6 update.

iOS app crashes on open – iOS app

The iOS app (TestFlight 6.5) started crashing upon open. It opens to a post list and then bails. I deleted the app and am now blocked.

Workflow – Desktop

I could not function without a clipboard manager. Really enjoying Copied App on both iOS and macOS.

When you copy a link, it grabs the title for you, and offers pasting title, url, or link. I use Link in Markdown often in my Markdown based flow.

A favorite Alfred workflow is my indelicate hacking of the Lazy Link workflow. It grabs the url and title of the frontmost browser window and inserts it at the cursor as a markdown link.

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Session notes: reader, editor, free domain claim, gallery ordering, editing links – Macnchrome, iOS

Free domain claim

How do I get rid of this notice without claiming a domain I don’t want?

Reverse gallery order

Wishing I could click to reverse order.

wp-admin accommodates.

If I didn’t have wp-admin as fallback, I’d work around this by changing the sort order in my source app (Pixave) and reuploading the gallery. Reuploading is my go to workaround for media bugs and awkward flow, impacting quota.

Appending to link text

Here’s a bug we’ve lived with in WP and Calypso for years. It still frustrates. Appending or prepending text to a link requires moving in from the boundaries and juggling characters.

Calypso editor on iOS

  • The reload time after switching to another app and back to the browser is 10 seconds-ish of jerky loading.
  • First taps are slow to process. Double taps are often required.
  • Tapping plus to add media will focus the editor, put the cursor inside, and then open the modal over the course of a couplefew seconds.
  • I tend to wait a couple seconds after tapping anything before tapping again as I might interrupt something.
  • Post preview wouldn’t load.
  • #scroll-bleed behind the preview modal.
  • Cancelling preview takes you back to the editor instead of  to actions.
  • A draft started with Calypso on iOS didn’t show in Calypso macnchrome until I edited another post. Then the draft showed. I also experience this with drafts started in Ulysses. The provokes data loss #anxiety-flow.

Media library

Clicking the pencil icon also selects the image. I expected to edit without selecting.

Links in reader

In the iOS app reader, links within post content open in a pop up that is kind to context. Calypso’s mobile web reader follows these links, requiring browser back nav that sometimes stomps #vscroll.

Video drag-and-drop insertion

A video dropped onto the editor inserted off screen, at the top of the document. I probably scrolled down without clicking into the editor to position the caret. I thought the insert didn’t work since it happened offscreen, so I inserted again after positioning the caret. I saw that I had an extra video at the top when I previewed. I’m used to Ulysses where the caret follows the cursor during drop.

Notifications Search

Wishing again that I could search notifications. 🙂

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Session notes: reader notifications, gallery grid, publicize nonce, expired domain – Macnchrome

“x new posts”

The “x new posts” notification bubble is persistent. Getting rid of it requires giving in to its continuous call to ditch my vscroll. Though I appreciate its presence when I’m ready to scroll to top and see what’s new, the rest of the time it distracts. I worry that I will accidentally click it, losing vscroll in a thoughtless moment of notification gardening.

Can’t scroll thumbnail grid

During gallery creation, the thumbnail grid wouldn’t scroll.

Invalid nonce during Facebook reconnect, Mac app

I successfully reconnected from a Chrome session and then restarted the app.

Expired domain

A “DNS configuration required” notice alerted me to a problem with a mapped domain. This is a domain I let expire. If I didn’t go into this process knowing that the domain expired, I wouldn’t have been able to tell that.

Click fix.

Click Learn more.

The prompts and support documentation don’t mention the possibility of an expired domain.

My next step from here was to remove the mapping. This required some drilling and scrolling.

Click in domain list.

Click Payment Settings, which was non-obvious to me. I’m trying to remove a domain to get rid of a notice, not mess with payments.

Scroll down to the desired site. This flow should link directly to the site in question instead of requiring #list-scannning.

Click Domain Mapping

Click Remove Domain Mapping.

None of these apply. This is framed as if I’m moving to a free plan or another service. I’m not. I’m just removing a no longer needed mapping. Being put into customer retention type flow when I just want to remove a mapping is annoying. The only reason I’m doing this is to get rid of the “DNS configuration required” notice. I’m forced to answer both of these misframed questions before I can proceed.

My feedback in the form:

I’m not leaving or abandoning the free plan. This framing does not apply to the scenario of removing a domain mapping.

I let this domain expire, as I never really used it. Now, I’m removing it to get rid of the “DNS configuration required” notice.

It doesn’t stop. Thankfully, this form is optional.

At last.

I expected a click to remove and a click to confirm. I experienced forced form filling.

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