Session notes: reader, editor, free domain claim, gallery ordering, editing links – Macnchrome, iOS

Free domain claim

How do I get rid of this notice without claiming a domain I don’t want?

Reverse gallery order

Wishing I could click to reverse order.

wp-admin accommodates.

If I didn’t have wp-admin as fallback, I’d work around this by changing the sort order in my source app (Pixave) and reuploading the gallery. Reuploading is my go to workaround for media bugs and awkward flow, impacting quota.

Appending to link text

Here’s a bug we’ve lived with in WP and Calypso for years. It still frustrates. Appending or prepending text to a link requires moving in from the boundaries and juggling characters.

Calypso editor on iOS

  • The reload time after switching to another app and back to the browser is 10 seconds-ish of jerky loading.
  • First taps are slow to process. Double taps are often required.
  • Tapping plus to add media will focus the editor, put the cursor inside, and then open the modal over the course of a couplefew seconds.
  • I tend to wait a couple seconds after tapping anything before tapping again as I might interrupt something.
  • Post preview wouldn’t load.
  • #scroll-bleed behind the preview modal.
  • Cancelling preview takes you back to the editor instead of  to actions.
  • A draft started with Calypso on iOS didn’t show in Calypso macnchrome until I edited another post. Then the draft showed. I also experience this with drafts started in Ulysses. The provokes data loss #anxiety-flow.

Media library

Clicking the pencil icon also selects the image. I expected to edit without selecting.

Links in reader

In the iOS app reader, links within post content open in a pop up that is kind to context. Calypso’s mobile web reader follows these links, requiring browser back nav that sometimes stomps #vscroll.

Video drag-and-drop insertion

A video dropped onto the editor inserted off screen, at the top of the document. I probably scrolled down without clicking into the editor to position the caret. I thought the insert didn’t work since it happened offscreen, so I inserted again after positioning the caret. I saw that I had an extra video at the top when I previewed. I’m used to Ulysses where the caret follows the cursor during drop.

Notifications Search

Wishing again that I could search notifications. 🙂

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Session notes: iOS app editor buttons – iPhone 6+

Three dots and Post are anxiously close

Having the Three dot menu right next to Post in the iOS 6.5 beta is nerve-wracking.

Swapping Post and the settings button locations requires rewiring my safeties and remapping hands/thumbs to flows. For reference, here’s the button arrangement before 6.5.

I’ll see how this new rhythm settles in, but right now I’m feeling the extra tap to get at preview and the reduced distance between preview flow and publication flow. This puts preview flow very close to publication, increasing anxiety.

I think this change requires flow like Medium’s app, where Next is confirmed with a Post trampoline that shows taxonomy and Publicize settings. This information is well-suited to the moment and appreciated. It reduces publication anxiety.

Cursor buttons

Now that I’m used to Ulysses app, I keep wanting in the keyboard button bar to be cursor buttons.

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Building a flow sharing vocabulary

Live dogfooding, flow mapping, flow sharing, and user journeys can be misread, leading to defensive exchanges when what you intend is to share what actually happened to you as a data point and a glimpse of perspective. Some signaling is needed. I’ve taken to using hashtags in chats, comments, and post taxonomy to convey some context. Here are ones I’ve tried. I often prefix these with ‘user-‘, but lately I’ve been letting them stand without.


And as seen on Calypso’s /help/contact/ screen:


I’ll update the  glossary on make/test to contain and explain the terms not already over there. Some of these terms come from Design for Real Life, which I recommend to all.

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Avoid anxiety by being precise

The sharing box in the editor has a little info button that pops up a reassuring message. This message is nicely crafted to head off anxiety flow. Publicize flow can be an anxious thing. I’m about to send a message out to 6 places, and I want to get it right. This message provides precision and context at a moment when I really need it.

Chapter 4 of Design for Real Life is titled “Communicate context and intent” and makes these points:

  • Be intentional
  • Be transparent
  • Be precise
  • When it matters most

This is a fine example of being precise in a moment where it matters.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 9.35.18 AM.png

The info bubble for “Customize this message” offers precision in a moment that matters.

That’s great, but there is a little hitch in sharing flow that causes publication anxiety. The Reconnect links below open in a #new-tab-window. After reconnecting those services, the editor session does not update to show that the services are now connected, leaving in doubt whether your current session will share to the reconnected services. I reloaded the page to confirm the services are connected.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 9.34.23 AM.png

After reconnecting, the reconnect notices in the editor session don’t go away.


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Galleries: The impact of upload ordering and cropped thumbnails on captioned gallery flow

Random upload ordering and the lack of uncropped images in gallery editing flow frustrate captioned gallery flow enough that I fallback to wp-admin to make captioned galleries.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.46.46 AM

The media modal in gallery edit view. Cropped thumbnails make ordering and captioning difficult.


Calypso gallery editing flow does not offer access to uncropped images. Cropped thumbnails make ordering and captioning galleries difficult. I’m missing necessary information when given only cropped thumbnails. The core WordPress media modal offers an uncropped thumbnail in the sidebar. This makes the difference in being able to order and caption a gallery, thought it is an immense eyestrain.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.54.25 AM.png

Core offers an uncropped thumbnail in the sidebar, making captioning and ordering an immense eyestrain, but possible.

Among the mockups made during the design of the Calypso media modal was a gallery flow with an extra step to satisfy those needing access to uncropped, full-width images and caption fields wider than a thumbnail.


The image on the left mocks up a full-width captioning step as part of gallery flow.

To order or caption a gallery, I need uncropped images big enough for my presbyopic eyes to see. With both the Calypso and core media modals, I must flip back and forth between publishing and my camera roll app/site/folder (where the images are big enough to see), correlating lists of images that are often sorted in opposite directions. This is so very frustrating. I’ve hovered over the tiny thumbnails in the core media modal with friends, family, and clients, all backs stooped and eyes squinting as we try to caption and order a gallery. Can we satisfy the need for uncropped, full-width images in gallery edit flow?

A workaround is to leave gallery editing flow, returning to the media library. There you can use Edit to get at wider caption fields and bigger, uncropped images. This workaround flow is complicated by the modal not respecting upload order.


When dropping multiple files, order is not retained. This random ordering compromises the usefulness of Edit in captioning flow and frustrates list correlation.

That’s the view when returning from gallery editing to the media library. The images are not in order, making correlation with the gallery edit view difficult and frustrating. Edit flow reflects this random order rather than gallery and upload order. Since images in the Edit flow aren’t in order, captioning by arrowing through images is out of order. When captioning, I need the images to be in gallery order. Calypso’s media modal is the only step in my image flow that doesn’t respect order.

My image flow: My photos auto-upload from my devices to Google Photos. I download from Google Photos to my laptop via Chrome, where they are dragged to Calypso from the Mac OS finder. Order is retained through this entire flow until the media modal breaks the assumption of order preservation.

Further, I accidentally cancel the media modal often. I lose selection order when this happens. Since the images are uploaded in a jumble (instead of in the order they are dropped), I can’t easily resurrect selection order like I can in wp-admin, which retains drop order. I re-upload entire galleries to Calypso’s modal rather than scrutinizing images. This is a very frustrating and anxiety inducing exercise that happens to me with regularity.

When editing galleries in older posts, falling back from gallery to Edit flow means scrolling the media library (perhaps a lot) until you see selected images.

Any time I’m in the media library I’m concerned with accidentally destroying selection. This adds anxiety to my gallery flow.



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Notifications, Comments: Replying from notifications

After replying to a comment from notifications, I’m automatically advanced to the next notification. This always makes me question whether I replied to correct comment. To soothe my anxiety over accidentally commenting and posting to the wrong place (burned many times), I click back on the comment notification looking for my reply. There, I don’t see my reply until several seconds have elapsed, and even then I don’t get an inline view of my reply. Both the inline “you replied” message and the green confirmation notice open in #new-tab-window. I avoid things that open in new tab window, especially on touch devices.

Immediately showing my reply in context and not advancing to the next notification would avoid this confirmation seeking #anxiety-flow.

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