Session notes: reader notifications, gallery grid, publicize nonce, expired domain – Macnchrome

“x new posts”

The “x new posts” notification bubble is persistent. Getting rid of it requires giving in to its continuous call to ditch my vscroll. Though I appreciate its presence when I’m ready to scroll to top and see what’s new, the rest of the time it distracts. I worry that I will accidentally click it, losing vscroll in a thoughtless moment of notification gardening.

Can’t scroll thumbnail grid

During gallery creation, the thumbnail grid wouldn’t scroll.

Invalid nonce during Facebook reconnect, Mac app

I successfully reconnected from a Chrome session and then restarted the app.

Expired domain

A “DNS configuration required” notice alerted me to a problem with a mapped domain. This is a domain I let expire. If I didn’t go into this process knowing that the domain expired, I wouldn’t have been able to tell that.

Click fix.

Click Learn more.

The prompts and support documentation don’t mention the possibility of an expired domain.

My next step from here was to remove the mapping. This required some drilling and scrolling.

Click in domain list.

Click Payment Settings, which was non-obvious to me. I’m trying to remove a domain to get rid of a notice, not mess with payments.

Scroll down to the desired site. This flow should link directly to the site in question instead of requiring #list-scannning.

Click Domain Mapping

Click Remove Domain Mapping.

None of these apply. This is framed as if I’m moving to a free plan or another service. I’m not. I’m just removing a no longer needed mapping. Being put into customer retention type flow when I just want to remove a mapping is annoying. The only reason I’m doing this is to get rid of the “DNS configuration required” notice. I’m forced to answer both of these misframed questions before I can proceed.

My feedback in the form:

I’m not leaving or abandoning the free plan. This framing does not apply to the scenario of removing a domain mapping.

I let this domain expire, as I never really used it. Now, I’m removing it to get rid of the “DNS configuration required” notice.

It doesn’t stop. Thankfully, this form is optional.

At last.

I expected a click to remove and a click to confirm. I experienced forced form filling.

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