Subscribing to YouTube Video Channels in Reader

I want to be able to subscribe to a YouTube video channel in Reader.

  • URL I used to subscribe in Reader:–fhX5gea0i4UtpD99Gg
  • Feed URL:–fhX5gea0i4UtpD99Gg
  • Reader site stream:

Videos aren’t displayed on individual posts:

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at Thu Feb 9 1.03.13 PM.png
Seen at using Chrome 55.0.2883.95 on Mac OS X 10.12.3

Here’s how the site stream looks:

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at Thu Feb 9 1.05.24 PM.png
Seen at using Chrome 55.0.2883.95 on Mac OS X 10.12.3

I noticed there are media-related tags in the feed:

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at Thu Feb 9 1.11.23 PM.png
Seen at–fhX5gea0i4UtpD99Gg using Chrome 55.0.2883.95 on Mac OS X 10.12.3

Doable? Should I file this as an issue in GitHub?

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Session notes: Instagram widget auth flow, editor flow, embed reflow, list flow, vscroll

Notes from my past couple weeks-ish of sessions.

Instagram widget auth flow

So I tried Cmd+click to open auth in a new window. After completing instagram auth in the new window, I was redirected here.

The widget is not added in this new session.

I added it in this new session and hit the same auth blocker.

I went back to the original session. It is not authorized. I Save & Publish and then reload the customizer, still blocked at auth.

I couldn’t find a workaround.

Editor layout after AYS

After triggering AYS

Content area disappeared

I think this happened while typing.

The only thing in the console was

Cropped embed

Switching to HTML and back to visual fixed it.

Like, video overlap

Undo reflow

#undo-reflow after hitting Cmd+z.

Editor flow

The familiar frustrations of:

  • embed reflow
  • undo reflow
  • vscroll loss when an embed is selected and you click another embed
  • having to switch to the html editor to move embeds
  • waiting for embeds to load every time I re-enter a post
  • reflow, reflow, reflow

Idle editor wish: Outline of headers for easy jumping around. I use this a lot in Ulysses.

Lists of links

Today’s frustration: Links losing their href on paste, last mentioned here.

Issue opened:

Also, the inline link toolbar gets in the way when rearranging lists of links. Whenever I work with lists of links, these two bugs/behaviors make for #frustrated.

Back button vscroll respect

Audit back buttons for vscroll respect. Losing vscroll kills browsing flows. For example, I prefer wp-admin themes flow to Calypso themes flow. Calypso loses your vscroll place when you return from the theme details page to /design. This makes for awkward theme browsing flow. wp-admin remembers your place in the /themes list as you navigate in and out of theme details.

wp-admin uses a modal for theme details, which flows much better for me. It respects vscroll.

Scrolling /posts/

I’ve had trouble with scrolling /posts/ several times today. Posts stop loading into infinite scroll. Sometimes the loading placeholder gets stuck showing. The screen becomes inured to clicks. Chrome gets CPU happy.

Embed reflow

I spent lots of time in the editor today, waiting for embed reflow. Embed reflow is the #frustrated. I work tweets into my posts, a not at all uncommon thing.

When I paste a tweet into a post with several embeds, reflow dances my vscroll. I lose my place and can’t remember what I was doing. Over and over.

Alt text flow

Wishing I could add alt text from an image modal. Make alt text available to drag-and-drop image flow. I encounter this lack all the time when writing about disability. Lamenting the lack of an image modal right now as I work on…

The Segregation of Special


Blockquotes and embeds

Adding stuff after embeds is frustrating, particularly if there is a blockquote nearby. My attempts at creating a new line between embed and block quote get block quoted.

Editor flow

Today’s editor flow harshers:

  • Editor unsaved changes #ays
  • #undo-reflow
  • #embed-reflow
  • links losing href on paste
  • inline link toolbar getting in the way of list editing
  • can’t blockquote lists without using html editor

Wishing I could toggle embed expansion so I can edit my posts without all of this reflow grief. Reflow and vscroll loss every time I Cmd+z or paste in another embed makes me wish Ulysses would hurry up and release editing of published WP posts.

Posts at the top disappear when I scroll back up

If I don’t touch anything, they’ll wink back in after 30-ish seconds.

Moving embeds

To move an embed, I:

  • flip to HTML
  • scan tag soup
  • cut the embed link
  • flip to visual
  • paste the link (If I past while in HTML, the embed won’t unfurl.)

List Soup

The bug where links lose their href when cut and paste pushes me to the html editor, where this greets me.

Working with embeds

I want to get at the underlying link so I can visit it and copy it.

An inline embed toolbar? An embed modal?

Sometimes embeds don’t load

Embeds can be slow to load in. Sometimes they don’t load at all. The links for the embeds don’t show, giving the appearance of vanished content.

After reload.

Remember size of notifications comment box

Wishing the comment box remembered the size I set with the drag handle.

In the comment box, ping backs display with “Reply to” followed by a link that is partially offscreen. The link is followed by an ellipsis, which makes me think the link has been truncated, although that’s not the case here.

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Session notes: Refreshed Reader

No video

Opening on author

Clicking an author sometimes opens you scrolled down to that author, sometimes not.

The back button is a long way up when you open scrolled down. When I just want to peek an author, having to scroll back up to go back is a hitch in my flow.

The author links do nothing in this context

The author links don’t link anywhere.

Photo credits, captions

Photo credits, captions smush up against the article.

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Editor Prime Directives

With the talk of editor AYS, I thought I would top post my editor prime directives.



#ays, #cursor-control, #editor, #keyboard-flyup, #undo, #vscroll

Editor: prompts to restore/discard changes when there are no changes

  1. Starting at URL:
  2. Publish a post
  3. Click <- Back
  4. Notice dialog that says “You have unsaved changes. Are you sure you want to leave this page?”

Often (but not always), immediately after publishing or updating, I see this AYS (are you sure) dialog when I attempt to navigate away from the editor via the <- Back button. Having to dismiss an unnecessary dialog is annoying, but the much bigger problem is that I can’t trust an editor that makes the save state of my content so ambiguous. One of my editor prime directives is, “Don’t AYS for unsaved changes if there aren’t unsaved changes.”

This ambiguity follows when you edit an existing post. I haven’t visited the post below in 3 years. When I open it, I get a restore unsaved changes prompt. This happens for lots of my old posts.

What am I restoring? I just want to peek the post right now, not edit it, so I click “Don’t restore”. I’ll postpone dealing with it until next time I venture to this post. After reading, I click the editor’s back button to return to my posts search and receive an unsaved changes AYS (Are You Sure). That’s an interruption on the way into the post and one on the way out. Unless I restore unseen changes, I will be twice interrupted on every visit.

Untrustable editor AYS comes up in user testing, it comes up in internal testing, yet its misbehavior endures. Here’s an anecdote from a recent user testing session.

To save or not to save: in the customizer and editor, both Lori and Mike got alerts indicating they shouldn’t leave the page they were on. This seemed surprising and confusing. In the editor, it would sometimes happen just after updating. In Customizer, the adaptive site preview gives the facade that it’s been updated, and the Save/Publish button was overlooked. Lori and Mike didn’t think their sites were “live” – neither noted the “Save & Publish” button (they didn’t see it), but I wonder what that might have told them about their site.


Also, this occasionally happens post pub and seems to correlate with triggering AYS.

#ays, #editor, #trust

Session notes: overflow, reflow, embeds, image selection, double notifications, tab titles, working with text

Overflow, zoomed – iOS web

This insisted on loading zoomed in a bit.

Dismissing follow – iOS web

Follow doesn’t dismiss with an outside tap. To dismiss, I tapped 3 dots and then tapped it again. Tapping follow to dismiss closes the popup but unfollows in the process.

Embed reflow – Macnchrome

Adding Twitter links causes vscroll stomping reflow, especially on posts with other embeds. This happens every time I paste an embed and every time I load a post with multiple embeds.

#embed-reflow and View Post #forked-flow are taking the joy out of this session.

Whenever I edit a post with embeds, I wait 30 seconds before touching the keyboard due to the embed reflow. There’s no embed caching? Hmm, will Chrome’s

scroll anchoring help in this context? It’s the new default in Canary. Looks like it can be turned on via a flag in production Chrome. I’ll try it out.


Telegram’s image picker

Wishing our image pickers had accessibly sized images like Telegram. This is media flow I can see and use.

Double notifications – iOS app

Double notifications in the Hockeyapp beta. These persisted for awhile but then stopped.

Meanwhile, the Testflight beta didn’t double.

Inconsistent media display

This is how the iOS share extension works. If you share an image from another app to the WordPress app, it’s added to the post as a gallery. A relatively recent enhancement added the ids parameter to the shortcode to specify the image being included there.

Yuck. Our history with media is marked by such inconsistencies. Recall when IO editor launched with single images posting as galleries. Users responded predictably.

Twitter embed doesn’t reflect updates

I updated a post and then tweeted it.

That shows the old text.


Browser tab titles – Macnchrome

Which post am I editing in each tab?

Non interactive notification – iOS app

Visual glossary

Aside, notion: A marked up set of screenshots naming the various ui elements would help these discussions. A new section in the dev docs for a visual glossary of terms.

Working with text – Macnchrome

Moving links and blockquotes around in the visual editor isn’t so friendly. I often switch to the html editor when reorganizing living documents. There, I…

  • scan through the tag soup
  • rearrange blocks and links
  • mess up tags in the process
  • look for revisions in Calypso so I can revert
  • fail to find revisions since Calypso doesn’t have revs yet
  • switch to wp-admin
  • find post
  • dig through revisions
  • restore old revision
  • back to Calypso editor
  • reload to get restored rev
  • #frustrated

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Jetpack Beta Testing Flow Session

Installing a beta zip – Macnchrome

Some changes are delivered to testers as custom zip files. One I received was named If a tester tries to upload this zip, it fails because jetpack is already installed.

I can’t install this beta zip without deleting the existing Jetpack install, but I can’t delete Jetpack from plugins.php on Pressable.

I could rename the zip and try deactivating production Jetpack and activating the test one in jetpack-test. That’s not so friendly though. Will Jetpack behave if run in a directory other than jetpack?

Connect Jetpack – iOS Safari, iPhone 7+

Info popups don’t dismiss with outside taps. Tapping (I) to close is awkward.

Empty dropdown – iOS Safari

Dropdown defaults to empty.

After connecting jetpack – Macnchrome

After connecting Jetpack on my phone I reloaded a wp-admin desktop browser session. I had to log back in.

Beta connected – Macnchrome

Clicking through enable markdown leads to:

Looks like I needed to reconnect after moving to the beta. After reconnection:

Check the box to activate? – Macnchrome

For a moment, I was confused over whether the checkbox was also activate/deactivate. When scrolled there’s no header to remind you that the checkbox is for bulk ops.

Looks like this jetpack_modules page is no longer referenced in the main interface. Does the enable markdown link on the Jetpack beta page need to be updated?

Getting at the beta plugin – Macnchrome

The beta plugin page is the first hit for “jetpack beta” in Google.

Getting at the beta requires form filling.

If you keep scrolling, the form turns out to be optional.

Forms at the front door usually turn me away.

Skip the form, proceed to: has a video. How about some screenshots in the step-by-step instructions?

Why not put the beta tester plugin in the WP plugin repo?

Beta Testing Flow Questions

  • Put an install call to action button above the form?
  • Include screenshots in the install instructions?
  • Public call for testing flow. Where?
  • Put beta plugin in WP plugin repo to make it more discoverable and easier to install? Too public?

#beta-testing-flow, #jetpack, #session-notes