Session Notes – Preview scrolling, embeds in iOS app editor, repeated notifications, editing flow, disappearing embeds, post-post

Pardon this lazy, unedited, and raw session note.

Can’t scroll to end of preview

And sometimes scroll jumps back to top

My iOS flow: I compose my posts entirely in Ulysses, including tags and featured images. I publish to Calypso, where I preview. But, preview doesn’t scroll all the way down and often jumps back to the top while scrolling.

Outside tap to dismiss

Tapping in the content doesn’t dismiss the follow confirmation dialog. Tapping in the blank space of the actionbar does dismiss, but I haven’t been able to make it a habit. I always tap a couple times in content before remembering to tap in the actionbar.

iOS app embeds

Embeds don’t display in the iOS editor and their URLs don’t receive newlines. I don’t use the iOS app to edit most of my posts due to this. I’m afraid to edit these posts. This happens with the native editor and the production visual editor.

Notifications icon disappears

Tap notifications and then W menu.

Notifications with repeated ops

This notification style always gets in the way of repeated operations. I let them pile up until they obscure and then Cmd+R to save clicks.


Having a rough time editing a post. I pasted some text into a post. Added block quotes to one of the pasted paragraphs. Noticed I put the text in the wrong place. Tried to cut and paste to move it, but ran into the blockquote and half-height cursor problems. When coupled with slow connection that prevents embeds from loading in a displaying fully, I wasn’t confident in my edits. Tried the “revert to draft button” (I didn’t get a screenshot) thinking it would revert to my state at the beginning of my edits, but it seems to unpublish the post. When I clicked the “revert to draft” button, I thought, for a moment, that it wasn’t doing anything. Then I noticed the subtle spinner in the Update button. I have a hard time seeing that animation.

Embeds need a placeholder. I see empty space for embeds often, making me think they have disappeared.

Published the post again. Original permalink retained. Leaving the editor after pub triggered our lingering NMIT, the save/restore AYS.

Embeds didn’t load after pub, making it looking like they disappeared.

Chrome chewing up CPU. Closing the editor session brought CPU back down. I’m pretty good at triggering it. My embed and blockquote posts that reflow on every editor page load are a workout.

I can’t really edit these posts anywhere in WP. The iOS app doesn’t display embeds and strips newlines between them. On desktop, all of the reflow makes editing a chore to avoid. I still haven’t made the edit that started this adventure.

I think core wp-admin caches embeds and doesn’t reflow like Calypso, but haven’t tested that lately.

Lots of journalism is full of Twitter embeds. Calypso’s embed handling is a bad experience.

Reflow on every editor page load, reflow when adding new embeds, reflow on undo, partially loaded embeds, blank embeds, vscroll loss.

No access to embed link without going to HTML editor. Can’t edit embed except to delete.

Which means scroll-scan-correlate cycles between visual and html editors.

My posts full of embeds and block quotes are my litmus, and I can’t edit them without quite a lot of grief on any platform, web or app.

I consider these posts a good litmus. Take a look at what journalists are creating these days. Lots of Twitter embeds and quotes.

So hear this flow canary singing embeds.

Global post search doesn’t return results

I have many posts that should show for this search.

Confirmed by two others.

Partial, disappearing embeds

Embeds often load in partially.

And then disappear. In this shot, the embed went away and the editor ended up scrolled all the way down into the trailing chunk of whitespace that always bugs me.

The embed link is still there.

Switching to HTML and then back to visual editor fixes the embed display.

But what’s with that more tag? Maybe I accidentally clicked into the HTML toolbar on the way to the visual editor. I sometimes miss the tabs, especially when going back and forth doing scroll-scan-correlate between the editors. Pin the editor tabs.


One of the first things I do after pubbing is grab a link to the post. Even with publicize on I usually want a link, often to drop in a chat or email. Anecdote for post-post.

My flow is very clipboard heavy. I love Copied app.

Notifications error

Sometimes notifications won’t open, or it opens but refuses to dismiss with an outside click. These errors showed after clicking notifications.

This might be slow connection related. Clicking notifications while the page is still loading might be a contributor.

Need help opens another customer instance in a new tab

Resolves to

Happens even with Ghostery paused.

Rough iOS web session

I’m a broken record, but this experience was another of cascading failure and frustration. I can’t edit the kind of posts I make in any of our interfaces without frustration and distrust.

I also had a restore AYS pop up.

Facebook publicize re-auth

While doing reauth from the iOS with 2FA on my FB account, I got stuck on this screen after submitting my generator code. I confirmed the auth on desktop and it remained stuck. Tapping X does not dismiss. I had to kill the WP app. I lost my draft.

Post opens zoomed and overflowing

I tried adding a new tweet to that since I couldn’t work with the iOS app. After pasting, interface went it reflow jitter, constantly jumping scroll around. I backspaced over the added tweet even though it kept jumping offscreen. Once the whole thing was gone the reflow jitter stopped. I abandoned the post, proceeding through the unsaved changes ays. Wish I could discard changes so I know I’m rolled back.

Bottom line: I can’t edit what I write in either interface, forcing me to desktop. I’ll probably forget what I wanted to add before I get to a laptop.

When I’m feeling persistent, I’ll drop my links and edits in a “To edit” sheet in Ulysses so they are saved for later. I’m not feeling persistent right now.