Store: Renewing an expired domain via front page

I had two domain registrations (on the same site) expire yesterday. is a domain mapping upgrade from the pre-bundle, pre-plan days. is a mapping included with the premium plan on this site. is the primary domain.

I didn’t capture this part, but from the domain renewal splash on the front page of my site, the Renew Now button took me to the /purchases page. It was not filtered by site. I found the mapping and renewed it with credits. Here’s the confirmation of that process.

Seeing that Renew Now message and call to action button always makes me doubt the success of my renewal.

From there I went back to the front of my site.

With now renewed, I’m down to one expired domain.

Clicking either Renew Now or Cancel takes me here:

There’s no call to action here. AFAICT, everything is fine and there’s nothing to renew. Lacking a better target, I eventually click View Plan and see:

There’s the call to action. I click it and follow through payment. Here’ the confirmation.

“for a few seconds”?

And again there is a Renew Now call to action directly below the renewal confirmation. I have to read through to “in a year” and double check the new expiration date to be confident that I successfully renewed.

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