Flowsharing: Editing posts with embeds and block quotes

I compose posts in Ulysses and then pub them as drafts. I do the final edit and preview in Calypso. When editing these D&I recaps full of Twitter embeds and block quotes in Calypso, I experience:

  • #embed-reflow (#frustated)
  • #undo-reflow (#frustrated)
  • #embed-scroll-jump (clicking an embed jumps to the top of editor when another embed has focus, #frustrated)
  • #vscroll-loss (caused by all of the above, #frustrated x 3)
  • #scroll-scan-correlate cycles (when jumping between visual and html, a source of painful tedium and a cognitive stack smasher)
  • difficulty moving embeds and blockquotes (which drives me into the HTML editor and its hard-to-scan tag soup)
  • lack of embed link edit/visit (how about an inline toolbar and an edit details modal?)
  • a long wait for embeds to load and flow in every time I go back into the editor (makes #front-to-back-to-front-flow and iterative chain editing a slow process where I sit on my hands for 30 seconds at at time so I don’t start editing before everything loads)

#flowsharing #anecdote #journey