Jetpack Beta Testing Flow Session

Installing a beta zip – Macnchrome

Some changes are delivered to testers as custom zip files. One I received was named If a tester tries to upload this zip, it fails because jetpack is already installed.

I can’t install this beta zip without deleting the existing Jetpack install, but I can’t delete Jetpack from plugins.php on Pressable.

I could rename the zip and try deactivating production Jetpack and activating the test one in jetpack-test. That’s not so friendly though. Will Jetpack behave if run in a directory other than jetpack?

Connect Jetpack – iOS Safari, iPhone 7+

Info popups don’t dismiss with outside taps. Tapping (I) to close is awkward.

Empty dropdown – iOS Safari

Dropdown defaults to empty.

After connecting jetpack – Macnchrome

After connecting Jetpack on my phone I reloaded a wp-admin desktop browser session. I had to log back in.

Beta connected – Macnchrome

Clicking through enable markdown leads to:

Looks like I needed to reconnect after moving to the beta. After reconnection:

Check the box to activate? – Macnchrome

For a moment, I was confused over whether the checkbox was also activate/deactivate. When scrolled there’s no header to remind you that the checkbox is for bulk ops.

Looks like this jetpack_modules page is no longer referenced in the main interface. Does the enable markdown link on the Jetpack beta page need to be updated?

Getting at the beta plugin – Macnchrome

The beta plugin page is the first hit for “jetpack beta” in Google.

Getting at the beta requires form filling.

If you keep scrolling, the form turns out to be optional.

Forms at the front door usually turn me away.

Skip the form, proceed to: has a video. How about some screenshots in the step-by-step instructions?

Why not put the beta tester plugin in the WP plugin repo?

Beta Testing Flow Questions

  • Put an install call to action button above the form?
  • Include screenshots in the install instructions?
  • Public call for testing flow. Where?
  • Put beta plugin in WP plugin repo to make it more discoverable and easier to install? Too public?

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