Session notes: Signup site title – Macnchrome

In response to the showSiteTitleStep variant call for testing.

Name, title, domain ambiguity

Give your new site a name.

Enter a Site Title…

This associates name with title, taking a step toward clearing name, title, domain ambiguity.

You can always change this later.

Good to know. Reduces anxiety and likelihood of backtracking.

Your Site Title is the name of your Blog or Website. It’s often displayed at the top of your site.

This reinforces the name, title association. For this WP old-timer, “name” is still ambiguous, because I know how many things it can mean. At this point in the process, I’m wondering how domain fits in. In the spirit of “you can always change this later”, I click on.

This page uses domain, custom domain, domain name, address, and keyword language. The title step used name and site title language. There are several terms on this page. Perhaps a necessary acknowledgement of varied terminology, but each term begs a distinction from the others.

Let’s find a domain.

Choose a custom domain, or a free address.

Domain or address. This introduces a choice and a new term. What’s the distinction? Is the comma needed?

The title and domain name images are helpful. I forgot to check their alt text. Disambiguation images need good alt.

The title step uses Site Title language that is also used in Settings and the Customizer. The domain step does not use the “Site Address” or “Custom Address” language used in Settings.

Title, Domain Order

When setting up a site, I usually don’t know exactly what I’m going to call it. I start typing names and see which are taken. The domain and title are settled through iterative namespace searching.

I change the title depending on if I can get the domain I want. With showSiteTitleStep, there’s a lot of distance between setting the title and picking the domain. If one of the suggested domains strikes me as a good name/title, prompting me to want to change the title I set earlier, my choices are to back up a couple steps or finish NUX flow and try to figure out where to set the title later. Noticing “You can always change this later” in the title step nudges me to go forward.

During site creation, I’m more concerned with domain than title. I usually want to get domain sorted out before worrying with title since domain requires hunting in a namespace. Also, title is easier to change later.

In the vizrec below, the title I selected resulted in available domains. Title first flow is smooth in this case. My concern is when someone is doing repeated searches looking for an available domain. If you end up with a domain that doesn’t match the title, you have to make a decision to go back or go forward.

My domain first mindset may be an artifact of my technical and WP background. When setting up site identity, I think first about securing the domain, the address on the public web.

Prefill domain with title

Other have mentioned this, and it’s in the works—prefill domain with title instead of starting empty.

If I couldn’t find a domain that aligned with my title at this step, would I be anxious about fixing the title?

Username prefill

The username prefills, but is it prefilling based on the title or domain? Domain seems the right choice. I’ll test the scenario where domain and title don’t match in a later session.

Facilitating post-signup Title/name change quests

What if I just finished site creation and want to change the title/name to match the domain? Is there room to mention Title/name here?

Name, Title Consistency

Customizer and settings use “Site Title”. NUX flow also uses Site Title, associating it with name on step 2 of signup. Seems we call it Site Title everywhere and associate it with “name” during signup to help resolve name, domain, title ambiguity.

Domain, Address Consistency

Signup uses Domain and Custom Domain language. Settings uses Site Address and Custom Address language.

Layout jiggle when mousing in/out of Pointer buttons

Mousing in and out of the buttons in the onboarding pointers causes some layout jiggle.

After mousing in, the button gets a highlight and the message box adjusts size in response.

Visual Record

Here are screenshots for every interaction in the signup flow plus some shots of me dipping into the customizer to peek at title editing, checking the confirmation email, and peeking in title settings.

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