Session notes: Image editing – Macnchrome, iPhone 6+

Belatedly pubbing a few notes from an image editing session last week.


There is not yet access to image editor from the inline image toolbar in the editor. This is the most natural flow for me. Right now, images must be edited from the media library. The flow:

  • Click + to open media modal
  • Hover over the desired image
  • Click the pencil icon
  • Click Edit Image
  • Make changes
  • Click Done
  • Bounced back to the media library – skipping past the image meta modal – where a new edited image awaits
  • The new image does not copy the meta fields of the original image

This flow is awkward when wanting to edit an image and its meta at the same time or when wanting to edit the image in place. Consider this: you click the pencil icon, make changes to meta fields, edit the image, click Done, and get popped back to the media lib with a new image containing none of your meta edits. Confusing #forked-flow.


Mobile isn’t supported yet, but the interface still shows. I took a couple screenshots on an iPhone 6+ to capture the current state. The editor doesn’t load the image.

Visual record

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