Visual record: Free plan NUX, streamlined variant – Macnchrome

This is a visual record of the paidNuxStreamlined>streamlined variant on macOS + Chrome. I forgot to enable streamlined for the after email trampoline flow, so those shots aren’t the streamlined variant. I’ll try to get those in an addendum.

  • Click Writing & Books
  • Click General Writing & Books.
    • If you go <- Back from here you go all the way back to the beginning, losing the Writing & Books and General Writing & Books selections.
  • Click A list of my latest posts
  • Click Ecto
  • Type a domain
  • Click first suggested domain
  • Click Select Free
  • Fill username and password
  • Click Create My Account
  • Wait a few seconds
  • Click Continue
  • Click Next in Welcome to
  • Click Got It! in Customize your Site
  • Scroll down
  • Check email for signup confirmation
  • Click Confirm Now
    • I was running this session in an incognito window. Clicking Confirm Now opened confirmation in a regular window where I was logged in as a different user, resulting a confirmation notice in an empty admin. The notice disappeared after a few seconds and content loaded shortly after that.
    • I redid confirmation by opening the Confirm Now link in an incognito window, picking up flow from there.
    • The feature image for the default post took awhile to load, where awhile is a subjective, untimed 30 seconds-ish.
  • Check welcome email

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