Session notes: iOS app editor buttons – iPhone 6+

Three dots and Post are anxiously close

Having the Three dot menu right next to Post in the iOS 6.5 beta is nerve-wracking.

Swapping Post and the settings button locations requires rewiring my safeties and remapping hands/thumbs to flows. For reference, here’s the button arrangement before 6.5.

I’ll see how this new rhythm settles in, but right now I’m feeling the extra tap to get at preview and the reduced distance between preview flow and publication flow. This puts preview flow very close to publication, increasing anxiety.

I think this change requires flow like Medium’s app, where Next is confirmed with a Post trampoline that shows taxonomy and Publicize settings. This information is well-suited to the moment and appreciated. It reduces publication anxiety.

Cursor buttons

Now that I’m used to Ulysses app, I keep wanting in the keyboard button bar to be cursor buttons.

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