Session notes: Share from post search, edit via actionbar – macnchrome

Some wishes from yesterday’s session.

  • I use Alfred shortcuts to search my posts and pages. I often want to share posts from this search view. I usually want to get at the permalink or shortlink.
  • I most want inline editing when I spot a typo on the front page. I usually forget to use the Edit link that themes show near each post. I have many blogs with many different themes that present the Edit link in different ways. My habit is to use the actionbar because it is consistently presented and located. Alas, this is more interactions than the in page edit links. Actionbar flow for editing from the front page: Scroll up to title of post, click permalink, mouse down to actionbar, click edit.
  • Wish: Alfred workflows for searching across all posts on all blogs for a post to view, edit, share, copy shortlink, … – with interactive completion.

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