Session notes: Editor, link modal, taxonomy, list scanning – macnchrome

  • When I cut and paste a link, the href doesn’t follow.
  • My longest running blog predates support of tags and has 11 years of accumulated categories. I struggle with the category picker in the editor. Selected categories need to bubble up somehow. #list-scanning is eye strain and motion sickness. I’m uncomfortably trying to categorize some old posts.
  • When avoiding list scanning, removing the default category involves scrolling the cats list fully above the fold, noting the category name below the Categories & Tags heading (shows when only one category is selected), searching for that name, deselecting, and then canceling search.
  • I’d complement cats with tags on this blog, but navigating below the fold to get to tags requires tip toeing around the categories list vscroll. I find I don’t bother with tags because of it. I’d use only tags if I was doing this blog over again.

  • I’d opt out of having a default category on some of my blogs if I could.

    Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 7.41.33 PM

  • I expect to be able to add new categories from search. I know I can’t add from search but can’t change the habit. From the unsuccessful search, I type the name again in Add New Category to add. Notion: prefill cat name with search string to avoid typing twice.

  • I link between blogs often. In those moments, I wish I could search posts across all Calypso managed blogs in the link modal. Notion: Enough places do from: with completion that I’m developing a habit for it. from: all

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