Local device testing with xip.io

Testing with real touch devices against Calypso running in a desktop development environment requires proxy juggling, router configuration, and other gymnastics that are big obstacles to beta testing. xip.io avoids the need to mess with proxies, routers, or hosts files. All you need to do is find the IP address of your desktop or virtual machine. In combination with VVV, xip.io made core WP mobile testing much easier for me. I did a small writeup of VVV + xip.io on make/core that I intend to turn into a post on mobile patch testing to compliment this desktop patch testing post.

I tried using xip.io with a Calypso localhost environment, but Calypso doesn’t fully load.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.49.59 AMIMG_7740

The Calypso install doc says, “To run Calypso locally, you’ll need to…load the app at http://calypso.localhost:3000 instead of just localhost. This is necessary, because when running locally Calypso is using the remote version of the WordPress.com REST API, which allows only certain origins via our current authentication methods.”

Can xip.io be allowed as an origin? If not, can we host our own? xip.io eliminates a raft of documentation and a lot of frustration.

Since xip.io works with VVV, I reckon it’ll play along with Calypso Bootstrap.